About Me

herniated discHello, Vince Byrd here…

I have suffered from three herniated discs in my lower back for about ten years now. The doctors offered me surgery, cortisone shots, and pain medicine.

I turned down all three and could barely walk. I went home to research how to ease my back pain without being cut open, medicated or having chemicals shot into my body.

I experienced severe lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and couldn’t even dress myself without help. I’ve had sciatic pain so bad that it was almost unbearable, worse than a tooth ache. Constant back pain can also wreck your sex life. Don’t let it!

I’ve created this back pain blog to review items for solutions to help ease our back pain.

I don’t make any claims to be an expert, nor do I even consider giving medical advice about anything. But these are the things that have simply helped me to live my life better without re-injuring myself or going under the knife.

If you’ve never tried a tens unit before, I recommend this one. It might give you some sciatic nerve pain relief. You can see it on my home page.

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