3 Suggestions How to Relieve Sciatica Nerve Pain

relieve sciatica nerve pain

Stretching is Key

Sciatica is that irritating nerve pain through your back, neck, thigh, calf and even to the very tips of your toes. When a nerve is being pinched by a herniated disc or inflammation has occurred from over extension or stress, the nerve gets irritated. It can be from a mild tingling to a severe throb or ache.



Home remedies for back pain relief, try these suggestions:

#1:  How to relieve sciatica back pain: Begin your and end your day with back and leg stretches. Now there are many out there that you can search for on the video sites or search engines. But my rule of thumb is, if it hurts, don’t do it.  You should actually feel some relief or less pain when you stretch. Please be careful!

#2: How to relieve lower back pain: If you sit or stand all day, that can cause your sciatica to flare up.  It is best to sit a while and then stand a while taking short breaks to move your legs and stretch out your spine. Finding the balance between the two will help a great deal.

#3: How to cure back pain naturally: Walking at your regular pace for ten to fifteen minutes a day can help relieve some of the pressure from the sciatic nerve pain. If you’re in severe pain you might want to just stick to the stretching until some of the pain subsides.

Having a regiment of all three of these suggestions has helped me to live without many limitations…

Just to recap: Always stretch. Try to sit and stand for shorter periods of time, and walking regularly will aid in less flare ups and better pain management.  If you’re overweight the extra belly pounds can contribute to your back pain, so you might want to drop a few. Also use a back brace when picking anything up over 15-20 pounds.

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…I hope these tips were helpful for you to live better with less pain.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and make no claims that these suggestions are right for you.  I am not responsible for any injury, damage or suffering they may cause, since they are just suggestions. I know that they have helped me with my home back pain treatment, and you should use common sense and caution.